Internships & Opportunities

An internship can help you gain access to a world of invaluable, real-life work experience – all while studying right here in California.

No matter what your expertise, inside California’s borders you will find countless opportunities for success. Innovative Silicon Valley, home to many of the world’s largest technology companies, is found in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay.  The state’s booming agriculture industry is the nation’s dairy leader and the world’s fifth largest supplies of food and agricultural commodities. The education; government; health; manufacturing; professional and technical services; real estate; and trade, transportation and utilities sectors are also flourishing.

The first-rate internship opportunities that California offers are one of the many reasons students choose to study here. Students can intern either during or after a degree program. Internships often lead to full-time employment outside of the United States and can sometimes lead to full-time employment inside of the United States.

Students on various visas can opt for training possibilities through internships in the United States. California, with its dozens of lively cities, is a prime location to engage in an internship to enhance your resume and give you practical work experience. You will be happy to know that many of our students also find internships outside of the state. The opportunities are endless!

In the United States, some internships are paid and some internships are unpaid. Whether or not an internship pays, each delivers priceless experience that will continue to benefit interns for the rest of their lives. Below you will see a brief list of internship possibilities both in California and across the nation. Most colleges and universities have an advising center that can help you find an internship. This is only a very brief list of the opportunities you will have in California and the United States and will give you an example of the opportunities you will have as a student in California. Once in California, you will have more resources available to search for an internship position.


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