Surfing on a Southern California beach, singing karaoke on a Saturday night, skiing down a snowy slope; no matter what your taste, California has something for you.


If your idea of a good time includes sandcastles, sunblock and waves, you are sure to love California. With more than 1,100 miles of coastline – ranging from picture-perfect smooth sand to dramatic shoreside cliffs – you are sure to find your dream beach here in the Golden State.

Family-Friendly Fun

From world-famous Disneyland, to expansive aquariums, zoos, museums and outdoor adventures, California has plenty of family-friendly activities to partake in.


Home to the famous Pebble Beach golf course and notoriously beautiful weather year-round, California is a golfer’s dream. No matter where in California you live, if you love golf, you will never be farther than a club’s distance away from a green – San Diego alone has 92 courses!

Museums & Venues

California has a reputation for being a creative and cultural headquarters. Similar to its landscape, the state boasts diverse artistic and cultural offerings, from large, topnotch organizations to small, eccentric museums. Equipped with phenomenal indoor and outdoor venues, the Golden State provides the ultimate atmosphere to watch your favorite band play or circus perform.  Whether you want to learn about the 1850s Gold Rush, listen to your favorite musician play or visit an inspirational art gallery, you will find the place to do it here.


After a long week of hitting the books, many people enjoy hitting the town. If this sounds like you, California is sure to please. With an abundance of blues bars, comedy clubs, dance halls and martini lounges, our state will show you a good time!

Outdoor Recreation

Beautiful national parks, glistening lakes, relaxing national forests, picturesque peaks – you name it, California has it. From Yosemite to Death Valley, from canoeing to skiing, our state is sure to give you the taste of nature you crave.


Looking for a great deal? Check out our enormous outlet centers. Looking to splurge on that designer suit? Then our high-end shopping districts have your name written all over them. Want to browse fresh, local produce? Check out our farmers markets. Whether you’re looking to purchase clothes, food or home décor, you’ll find it in California!


If you are searching for a place to release the stress that has built up during your schooldays, look no farther. California is home to a large number of health and beauty spas and wellness centers. Bliss is right next door.


Home to 19 major professional sports league franchises and the only state to have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics, the Golden State’s athletics scene is thriving. From National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer teams, to NASCAR speedways, to respected collegiate teams, sports are an integral part of California.

Wine & Dine

Savory or sweet, Chardonnay or Merlot, the Golden State is sure to dish you something pleasing to your palate. Local farmers markets, quaint cafés, five-star restaurants boasting celebrity chefs, and sprawling vineyards are never far when you’re in California.

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