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College of the Canyons is truly a one-of-a-kind resource for the Santa Clarita Valley. It has distinguished itself as one of the premier community colleges in California, was recently named the fastest-growing community college in the nation, and is recognized for its leadership in correlating education with economic development, job retention and job creation. The college is appreciated and admired by the communities it serves for its high quality academics, excellent facilities, forward thinking faculty and staff, outstanding support systems and effective management of resources.

Associate Degree Majors

Career Certificates

ESL program and/or support services

Our Credit ESL program provides students the ability to learn and improve their English skills and advance up to College level English. The International Student Program has begun an Intensive English Program to assist students entering the college with below English Proficiency levels to improve their English skills in a fast paced environment (six week courses). This will allow students to quickly attain the English levels necessary to complete college level work and become a full time international student.  Please contact our office for more information regarding our Fall 2013 Intensive English Language Program.

In addition to the ESL courses, our TLC (The Learning Center) offers free supplemental tutoring to improve in specific areas like grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, improving speaking skills and cultural assimilation. We also offer suggestions for other help and resources on the ESL Student Help website.

Student Housing options

The College does not have on campus housing; however, we do provide our students with resources to find housing and our international student office staff always welcomes student inquiries to obtain housing information. Our website provides Off Campus Housing resources and contacts.

Admission requirements

Complete admission requirements and detailed instruction to apply can be found at the following links:

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Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Our Current Fees website outlines our current fee policies and rate schedules.  There is no application fee.  Cost of tuition is a minimum of $2,712 per semester.  Please check our website or call the office for additional information regarding tuition and fees.