El Camino College


El Camino College (established in 1947) offers quality, comprehensive educational programs and services to ensure the educational success of students from our diverse community. Our highest value is placed on our students and their educational goals; to ensure an excellent environment to achieve personal and professional goals.

Student demographics

At El Camino College there are approximately 650 international students from 50 different countries.

ESL program and/or support services

There are two ESL programs on our campus:

  1. International Student Program (ISP): This program is for the international student that has a TOEFL Score.
  2. El Camino Language Academy (ECLA): This program is for the international student that does not have a TOEFL score and needs to improve their English skills before entering an academic program.

Student Housing options

El Camino College does not have dormitories.  There are numerous well-kept apartments close to the campus. In addition there are home stay options.  Living with an American family is fun, interesting and safe. Go to: www.elcamino.edu/commadv/langacad/ and click on “Student Services”.

Admission requirements

All International students will take placement tests in order to determine their academic level and to place them in the correct classes.

International Student visas issued

El Camino College International Center (ISP program and ECLA program) issues the student visa:  F-1

Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Tuition for international students is: $257 per unit (students must take 12 units) plus the cost of health insurance. Please visit www.elcamino.edu for more information on tuition.

The Language Academy (ECLA) tuition is $2,800 (this includes health insurance). Please visit www.elcamino.edu/commadv/langacad/ for more information on this program.