Mission College


Mission College is a member of the California Community College System. The College System with the Universities of California and the California State Universities make the U.S.’s largest system of public higher education. Mission College is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and just an hour’s drive from America’s most beautiful city, San Francisco.

Our four year university partners are San Jose State University, the University of California Santa Cruz, San Francisco State University and the private university, Santa Clara University.

Student demographics

Over nine thousand students attend Mission College. Approximately 500 international students from over thirty countries study at Mission College as well.

ESL program and/or support services

Mission College is unique because it is one of only a few California Community Colleges that has an intensive English language program. Started in 1998, it is accredited by WASC, the Western Associate of Schools and Colleges and is a member of AAIEP, the American Association of Intensive English language programs. We have four levels and “no TOEFL or IELTS” admission to the degree programs for students who attend our program.

Student Housing options

Most of our students live with family or friends. To find apartments, they rely on Craig’s List. Many also choose a homestay with an American family by visiting this website. Housing for large groups of students who come together is arranged by our office.

Application deadlines

Students are encouraged to visit our website to get important dates including deadlines. Please click here and pull down the “international” link. Then, click on the link, How to Apply” and find our application. Current deadlines are always listed there.

Admission requirements

Please visit our website for admission requirements. Requirements are different for new students and transfer students. Our application always features reliable and current information. Follow the procedure above or email our office at iis@wvm.edu.

International Student visas issued

Mission College hosts F-1 visa international students only.

Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Please see our application for fees and costs. Please click here, pull down the “International Student link” and click on “How to Apply.”