Solano Community College

Solano Community College is a government accredited, two-year public college located equal distance between San Francisco (Bay Area) and Sacramento (State Capital) in Northern California.

Student demographics

Over 12,000 students study at SCC. Our student population is very diverse in age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.

ESL program and/or support services

The ESL courses emphasize study in English of reading, writing, speaking and listening for non-native speakers.  The program includes practice in the above areas as well as vocabulary acquisition and grammar work with the goals of building fluency in English and moving the student into mainstream college courses.

Student Housing options

Homestay is a great way to get started with a comfortable living environment in the U.S. Living with a host family provides international students the opportunity to learn more about American culture, practice English, live in a comfortable and secure family environment. Contact the following for more homestay information:

Extended Stay Hotels near campus are a very logical choice for your stay. They are located within walking distance to the Fairfield campus, shopping, and restaurants. Visit the following sites for more information:

Apartment Housing is an option for your stay in the U.S. There are various apartment homes available in Fairfield, on the bus line, and near great restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores for your everyday essentials. Visit the following sites (or research other options) for more information:

Disclaimer: By listing the above housing options, we are in no way endorsing those specific businesses. They are located within close proximity to the Fairfield campus, however you have the ultimate choice to research other housing options and make the best decision for your stay.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for first year and transfer students
Admission at SCC is simple, fast and convenient. We offer three annual admission dates:

  • Fall = August start
  • Spring = January start
  • Summer = June start

Admission deadlines are approximately one month prior to orientation for each quarter.

International Admission Requirements

  • Completed International Student Application
  • Financial statement
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age by the program start date

TOEFL/IELTS Requirements for Admission

  • TOEFL 500 (paper)/61 (internet) OR IELTS 6.0
  • No TOEFL or IELTS for United States institution transfer students and IEP graduates or students from a country where English is the official language.

Admission Requirements

  • International Student Application
  • Financial statement
  • NO Application Fee
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants must be high school graduates
  • Recommended but not required: Transcript of records from last school attended, in English, sealed by school
  • Transfer students only: Transfer-In Form

Admission Policies
New students who use SCC’s I-20 to enter the U.S.A. must:

  • Report in person to SCC’s orientation session for new international students
  • Enroll for and attend the first quarter at SCC
  • Present originals of: passport, visa, I-94 and CC I-20 (Students transferring from other U.S. schools must present their most recent I-20 instead of a Solano I-20.)
  • Carry Health Insurance while enrolled at SCC is recommended.

International Student visas issued

F1 and M1 Visas issued

Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Semester (5 months) Academic Year (10 months)
Tuition and Registration Fees $2,268 $4,536
Estimated Living Expenses $6,931 $13,862
Estimated Book Expenses $828 $1,656
Totals $10,027 $20,054